[JD] Internship 2024

Join us to help everyone delegate work to AI

We are building an AI Agent that is capable of operating web browsers, and mobile or desktop apps like humans. By offering such capability, we aim to liberate individuals from monotonous tasks, enabling them to follow their passions. We would like to invite you to join us to speed up this leap in productivity and shape a better future for human society.

Looking for passionate engineers

  • Available as remote full-time
  • Comfortable with web development
  • Familiar with using LLM models and OpenAI platform
  • Strong in problem-solving
  • (optional) Experience in building AI Agent for web browsing

To know more about us

Try our Chrome extension to feel the power of AI Agent and see what you can do on top.
Visit www.simplegen.ai for more intro to the product and vision
Check out our LinkedIn Page to meet the team

To Apply

Send your resume or LinkedIn page to sheng.yi@simplegen.ai
or directly message Sheng on LinkedIn